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  1. Maple Leafs Hockey Talk

    1. Maple Leafs Hockey Talk

      At Maple Leafs Hockey Talk, you can talk with other fans about your favourite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Want to talk about trades or signings, or last night's score? Well this is the place to do so!

    2. Toronto Marlies & Prospect Discussion

      This is your place to discuss the AHL affiliate of the Leafs, the Toronto Marlies. Post news, rumours, stats and anything else Marlies or prospect-related here.

    3. 63,601
  2. Maple Leafs Forever Fantasy Sports

    1. Lf.ca Hockey Pool

      This year's hockey pool is bigger and better than ever! Tracking your success? -Gloat here... The competition is so tight that anyone could be awarded as pool-champ!

  3. More To Life Than Hockey...

    1. General Chatter

      Is there more to life than hockey? Well, we don't think so, but there are some people that just want to talk about "stuff." So, here you go! A great place to talk about anything.

    2. In The News

      This is the place to discuss what's going today's world. We love a good debate, but please keep it clean and within reason. Post news links and articles that you feel others may enjoy.

    3. Music, Movies, Games, Etc.

      Here you can talk about some of the other things that are important to us: movies, music, TV, Games, etc. Talk about the latest movies, TV shows, great bands, or fun games that you want people to know of.

    4. Other Sports Discussions

      You can talk about any sport you would like other than hockey. So, whether you're into baseball, basketball, football, F1, etc. this is the place for you.

  4. Leafs Forever Front Office

    1. Introduction Board

      Introduce yourself to the community and get to know others!

    2. Website Announcements

      Read here for important news and updates posted by the board administrators.

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      Leafs Forever Code of Conduct

      Leafs Forever Code of Conduct1) No harassment of other users.LF.ca is not the battleground for your personal vendettas. We’re a close-knit community, and everyone should feel welcome. This is not to say humouristic teasing is unwelcome, but the moment it becomes malicious you’ve crossed the line. Quite simply, don’t be a jerk.Punishments1st Offence: Warning2nd Offence: 15-Day Ban3rd and Subsequent Offences: 40-Day BanAggravated Offences: For severe offences a lifetime ban may be handed out at the discretion of the staff.2) No posting of pornographic material.While we realize that LF.ca is largely an adult community, pornography is not allowed on the forums. Our community should be open to all ages, without the risk of an underage user seeing inappropriate imagery.Punishments1st Offence: 5-Day Ban2nd Offence: 15-Day Ban3rd and Subsequent Offences: 25-Day Ban3) No posting of racist comments/materials.Comments or material deemed to be racist or prejudiced in nature won’t be tolerated. We have a multicultural community on LF.ca, and there is no place for backward ideology. Discussion of racial issues that may be deemed un-PC is allowed, as long as it’s not fueled by a hateful mindset.Punishments1st Offence: 5-Day Ban2nd Offence: 20-Day Ban3rd Offence: Lifetime Ban4) No pointless hijacking of threads.Do not purposely force a thread to go off topic. It is understood that threads naturally evolve, but don’t take a thread about Sundin’s wingers and turn it into a thread about how you got wasted at the bar last night. Admin/moderator’s discretion will be used to decide if a thread has gone pointlessly off topic.PunishmentsPost Deletion and/or Thread ClosureRepeat Offences: 3-Day Ban5) Use the proper channels to discuss rules or moderator action.Occasionally an administrator or moderator will see a thread getting out of hand, and will tell the offending parties to stop before it escalates. After this happens, the subject should be immediately dropped and the discussion returned to the thread’s topic. All discussion regarding an admin/moderator’s actions or complaints regarding another user should either be e-mailed to a staff member or posted in the “Contact Us” forum.PunishmentsPost Deletion6) Do not frame a user for a serious offence.Don’t coerce another user into unknowingly posting porn etc, only to have him/her banned. This action goes against our community spirit, and is equal to harassment. This action is not acceptable whether it is a hostile act or a practical joke.PunishmentsCounts toward your offences of Rule #1.These rules may be added to or amended at any time. These rules are not retroactive, every user starts with a clean slate.
    • Brad

      Support LF.ca - Donate To Help Cover Our Costs

      Donations are accepted to assist in meeting the operating costs of LeafsForever. Donate via PayPal to securely support our efforts. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Donations in excess of our operating costs will be contributed towards our redevelopment efforts.
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